"In tremendous harsh conditions, under the weight of his gear, hunted by teribly bad weather and often alone, thousands of miles far from home and thousands of feet far from Base Camp, Alex succeded in keeping up to date the photographic journal of his Khan Tengri expedition. And as we can see, he did it very well."
Cristian Lascu - Editor in Chief, National Geographic Magazine - Romania

"I met Alex Gavan several years ago... on the mountain. I've been later climbing with him... on the mountain. I photographed with him... on the mountain.
Alex is a talented photographer who bring us stunning images from places where only a few managed to reach: the snowy peaks. But not only. The light, the technique, the feeling conveying from his photos makes us wonder and wishing to be there... He's also an experienced climber and definitely an entrepreneur. A person with a deep knowledge of mountain environments and a particular sensibility for ecology and conservation.
We all should look forward to see more of his work..."

Antonio Luis Campos - Outdoor Photographer www.antonioluiscampos.com

"Nature gives you and nature takes from you. Nature is very generous with the photographers, but it doesn't forgive the one that makes mistakes. One needs talent, skill and abnegation to understand it, to capture those images that Alex Gavan captured in extreme conditions. It's all about communion and a strong state of mind."
Alex Axon - Photographer - www.axonphoto.com

"I've been delighted by the photographs realized during the expedition;both for their artistical touch and the documentary value they have. Yousimply don't know who gets whom: man conquers the mountain or the mountainconquers man. I belive it's just not enough to be in a place; you have toknow how to feel it and to be able to transmit your emotions to theothers. Photography is one way to do that. Congratulations for the manneryou succeded in doing this!"
Ionut Macri - Freelance Photographer - www.caligraf.ro