snow storm khan tengri

  The Mountain

The mountains are living things. They are born, have living spirits and, after a long life die again. Some of them are considered holly. It is this ancestral Shamanist belief and that Khan Tengri, the Lord of the Spirits, it is the most important of these mountain deities.

Unlike the Bhddhists, the Shamanists will hardly object to climbing the mountains as long as in the process of going up, the spirit of the mountain is not enraged by irresponsible or unrespectful behavior.

For the local people of Central Asia, (Kazakhs, Kyrgyz or Chinese), Khan Tengri is a link to their past, something which relates them with their ancestors, and with the creation of their world.

For the climbers, Khan Tengri is a dream when being lived, relates them with their inner selves.

The highly spire white marble pyramid of Khan Tengri, rises at 7010 m high in a very remote area of Tien Shan Mountains, being the second highest it this mountain chain, after Peak Pobeda (7400m). Lying on the border between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, Khan Tengri is also the most northern seven thousander on Earth, this making the climbing season very short.

There are some 14 routes to the top, rated from 5A to 6B, Russian grades.

Tien Shan, The Heaven's Mountains, is the largest mountain chain of Asia, covering the biggest surface area and stretching longest (over 2800km). Together with the Himalayas, the Karakorum and the Pamirs they are the home of the world's highest mountains.